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February 25 Meeting

Our presenter on February 25th will be Voices In Time co-owner, Courtney Mitchell.  Courtney will discuss the power of the voice, and the value of adding audio recordings to your genealogical vault.  We are all good about preserving pictures, home movies, family documents, but what would you give to hear your loved one’s stories in their own voice?  Learn about the pros and cons of audio recordings, how to get the most out of an audio interview, and ways to use your MP3 files to augment your family history.

Happy 45th Anniversary JCGS

45th Anniversary CakeJanuary's meeting was hectic. The first meeting of the year usually is pretty busy - folks in to pay their dues and to catch up on things from over the winter.  This year brings our 45th Anniversary. We are proud of the society and happy to report that we are in good shape. We have 214 members as of the afternoon of the 28th. We have the board filled and we have very active volunteers that allow us to continue our programs and plan more for the future.  
Happy Anniversary JCGS!

New in the JCGS Library Collection

Women in the Rev War books vol 1-3
JCGS recently received a donation from the Olathe Chapter of the DAR.  America's Women in the Revolutionary Era 1760-1790:  A History Through Bibliography is a three volume set edited by DAR Library Director Eric G. Grundset. It is an authoritative guide to women’s and girls’ lives in the era of the American Revolution. This encyclopedic bibliography is organized in different ways to make it as useful as possible. Grunset chose to sort information in volume 1 by topic, volume 2 by geography and the third volume is a chronology that shows how historians’ understanding of these women and girls has developed over time. 
This book will be an inspiration to find our female patriots as well as a boon for researchers in women's studies. Again, this is a bibliography of source material. It will show the way to known sources and to sources such as dissertations that are not so well known.
Carol and Bernie Kuse, JCGS library volunteers with the new set of books. Carol is also our JCGS Librarian.

Skill Building Classes for 2017

                                            little girl at desk writing
JCGS is now offering skill building classes on a monthly basis. The classes will be held at the Central Resource Library on 87th and Farley.  All classes will be presented by JCGS members.  These classes are in addition to our regular 4th Saturday general meetings and will be held on the same day as the general meetig except for October and November - those skill building classes will be held on the THIRD Saturday not the fourth. 
Contact Education Chair, Darlene Jerome for more information.  These classes are listed on our events page. 

FGS Announces Upcoming Venues

Save the dates! 
The FGS 2019 National Conference will be held August 21-24 in Washington, D.C., and the FGS 2020 National Conference will be held September 2-5 in Kansas City, Missouri.
“We are extremely excited for all our upcoming conferences and look forward to visiting Washington, D.C., and Kansas City in future years,” says FGS President D. Joshua Taylor. “From 2016 to 2020, our conference venues are steeped in both history and research resources and make perfect settings for genealogists and family historians.”
This announcement extends the upcoming FGS conferences schedule to the year 2020 and includes:
FGS 2017 National Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FGS 2018 National Conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana
FGS 2019 National Conference in Washington, D.C.
FGS 2020 National Conference in Kansas City, Missouri
Each conference will be joined and hosted by a local genealogical organization. The Illinois State Genealogical Society will welcome FGS this year in Springfield and the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society in 2017. Local hosts for future conferences will be announced at a later date.

Honoring Our Veterans in France

Wall of Remembrance
A few weeks ago JCGS was contacted by a French woman, Marie-Sophie Bouffier, to see if we could help her find information on the family of William M. Fanning from Shawnee Kansas. Fanning was killed in action during WWII in the Battle of Normandy.  Marie-Sophie and her son Alexander have taken on the responsibility of honoring Fanning at various memorial services throught the year. Fanning is on the Wall of Remembrance at the Colleville cemetery. JCGS member Susan Jarulsic contacted the Shawnee Dispatch where journalist Melissa Treolo picked up and produced a feature story. Click here to read more about the French connection to a Shawnee soldier.  Click here to read about Fanning and to see other cemeteries.
For those of you who have never seen one of the Allied cemeteries in France or Belgium, here is a link to a web cam from Colleville. You might have to click more than once when you get there.
What a wonderful reason to be a part of your local genealogical society!

New Initiative to Digitize Records

Reclaim the Records is a not-for-profit group of genealogists, historians, researchers, and open government advocates. These concerned folks are filing Freedom of Information requests to get public data released back into the public domain. They are collecting information about archivally important data sets that are not available online or on microfilm, and they are using state and Federal FOI laws and Open Data initiatives to get copies of this information released back to the public.

reclaim the records
They are starting work in archives in New York City and New York State, and will be expanding into different parts of the country, based on demand from people like you. Along the way, they will be documenting everything they have learned about filing Freedom of Information Act requests, and creating a Do-It-Yourself guide for genealogists, open data fans, and others who want their state, local, and Federal records made more available. 
The goal is to get these record sets put online, for free, for everyone. Want to learn more? Read their  Frequently asked Questions.

Certified, Accredited, Professional?

It is overwhelming. Looking at all those initials after their names. Many folks are confused about the differences between genealogical credentials and those who offer professional services. Debbie Wayne Parker, CG and CGL, has a discussion which covers the credentialing and professional organizations in the U.S. governing the field of genealogy.  The discussion is aimed at those interested in becoming credentialed genealogists, those considering hiring a professional, and genealogical event planners who need to understand the many of initials following a name. Click here to read more about credentialing.

RR Retirement

Be one of the first to use the Midwest Genealogy Center’s Quick Look! This new and exciting feature provides online access to some of MGC’s resources. One of the resources you can search is inactive pension claims from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, which contains over 1.5 million records. Search the index by name and/or date. If you locate a resource, you will have an opportunity to request it from the source organization. In addition to the Railroad Retirement Pension Records, you can also find obituaries from newspapers like the Kansas City Star and Independence Examiner. Records currently indexed include obituaries, vital records, indexes for books within MGC’s collection, and more.

What can you expect after a search? Searches will yield an index that will allow you to request a full record. For U.S. Railroad Retirement Board Pension Claims, you will be directed to the National Archives. For all other collections, MGC staff will fulfill your request. The link to this great new feature is found on MGC’s main web page here. Have fun searching and watching MGC’s digital collection grow!

Using the Library of Congress Online

The Library of Congress (LOC) is a dream destination for many U.S. genealogy researchers, but most of us can’t get there in person. Here are 4 ways–all online–to access the mega-resources of the Library of Congress for genealogy. From our 2016 Annual Seminar speaker Lisa Louise Cook:  LOC Online

What Can WORLDCAT Do For You?

Take a few minutes and visit the genealogy orientation page for Worldcat, the online, worldwide library catalogue. WorldCat provides information about library materials, where they are available and links to digitized versions of library materials. WorldCat is the world’s largest bibliographic database. It contains information about more than 210 million items owned by 10,000 libraries around the world. Constant growth makes WorldCat a rich resource for genealogists who seek primary source materials.

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Upcoming Events
Family Tree Maker
Thursday, Feb. 23rd
1:00 pm
Pickard Room, Central Resource Library
Creating Oral Histories
Saturday, Feb. 25th
10:00 am
Johnson County Central Resource Library, 9875 W. 87th St, O.P. KS
Research Plan and Research Log
Saturday, Mar. 18th
1:00 pm
Carmack Room, Central Library

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