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James B French

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James B French
Posted: 08/20/2018 - 4:30 pm
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Originally posted on May 25, 2018  -

James B French is the subject of this week's "1874 Revisited" project.

To learn more about the project and the monthly prize drawing please click here: (This month's prize is a one month subscription to!)

Below is a transcription of James B French's biography from the from the '1874 Atlas Map of Johnson County Kansas' to use to start your research. Remember, post links only! (Just copy and paste the URL/website address you want to share into the comments.) Comments containing images/screen shots that are directly uploaded (rather than linked to from another website) will be deleted to avoid copyright violations.

James B. French,
was born in Virginia, Dec. 1830. In '50 he emigrated to Iowa where he spent about four years, after which he visited Kansas and then returned to Iowa. In April '56 he was married to Miss Rebecca Lambert ; again he visited Kansas; thence removed to Missouri, where in '57 he was bereft of his wife. He again returned to Kansas, and in July '57, pre-empted the farm he now resides upon. He was personally acquainted with John Brown, and was in the immediate vicinity when one of his sons was killed by the border ruffians ; was also present at the burning of Ossawatomie. In '63 he enlisted in the 15th regiment of Kansas cavalry, and after serving two year and four months, was honorably discharged, and returned to his farm in Lexington township.