Johnson County Genealogical Society
Johnson County
Genealogical Society
and Library, Inc.
2 children 1890s
Preserving KANSAS genealogy and its rich history at the crossroads of the Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails.

Contacting JCGS

Mailing Address
Johnson County Genealogical Society and Library, Inc.
P.O. Box 12666
Overland Park, KS 66282-2666
General Inquiry:
2021 Board Members
President: Darlene Jerome
VP Communications: Angela Fields
VP Programs & Seminar: John Manning
VP Education & Outreach: Marsha Bennett
VP Volunteers: Darryl Jerome
Secretary: Sarah Martinson
Treasurer: Heather Jenkins
Librarian: Margaret Baker
Member at Large: Steven Zawicki
Member at Large: Pamela Miller
2021 Committee Chairs
Hospitality Chair: Margo Gambill
Special Events Coordinator: Trish McAdams
Quarterly Editor: Darlene Jerome
Assistant Quarterly Editor: Marsha Bennett
Seminar Chair: John Manning
Mailing: Sally Hawkins
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