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Memory Lab


We are currently in the beta testing phase for our Memory Lab's equipment and procedures.  A link to book appointments will be provided on April 3rd.  
The following orientation video is required viewing before using the Memory Lab.  We recommend watching before booking your appointment.
Here is some information on what the equipment we have can do. 
  • Epson FastFoto: Scans multiple photos or documents in an automatic feeder. The capacity is 36 photos. Size range from 3" x 5" to 8" x 20" including, polaroid photos. This machine is not for fragile or curled photos. 
  • Epson V39 Flatbed Scanner: Perfect for fragile or curled photos. Also good for odd-sized photos and documents. Up to 8.5" x 17" photos or documents. 
  • Large flatbed scanner: Can scan up to 11" x 17" documents or photos. 
  • Wolverine Titan Slide and Film Scanner: 35mm slides and 35mm, 127, 127, 110, and APS negatives. 
  • Epson V600 Flatbed Scanner: Converts 35mm slides and 35mm, 120 and 620 negatives. Up to 8.5" x 17" photos or documents. 
  • Wolverine Movie Maker Pro: 8mm and Super 8 Film on reels up to 7 inches. Silent only
Anything brought into the Memory Lab must be clean, with no dust on the items, and mold-free
We cannot digitize cassette and VHS tapes at this time. 
Please send any questions you have to